10 Reasons Spotify Is Always Beneficial For Music Producers

Nowadays, a buzz is created in music streaming sites and apps subscription services. And their impact on the music business, directly or indirectly. You have listened one after another artist is ranting about the low rates of Spotify. Those who rant about it are short-sighted. I jotted down a few points that will shed on light how Spotify is beneficial for music producers.

10 Reasons Spotify Is Always Beneficial For Music Producers

Artist Catalog Promotion with Promotion Services

Spotify is a valuable treasure for music producers as they can make billions of dollars through it. It allows the music producers to boost up their revenue. The Music producers market the music through their Spotify plays which you can get from these recommended sites, which leads to an increase in their catalogue’s Spotify stream.

New Artists Cultivation by Subscription Services

The swift shift of music towards the all-you-can-stream model has diverse hidden perks. Spotify is to date working in more than 60 countries and providing services to millions of people. This data streaming has a massive impact on the music industry and provides a growth opportunity to the new music producers.

The decline in Piracy by Subscription Services

The piracy rate has declined worldwide due to the legal alternatives provided by the music industry in the form of Spotify. This has an indirect effect on the music producers as it assists in the growth of their music.

More Time Spent by the Average Consumer on Spotify through Subscription

The main aim of Spotify is to increase the number of music consumers per day. Daily, it convinces the consumer for subscription, and thousands of people subscribed to it, which ultimately provides profit to the music producers of Spotify plays. Music producers purchase Spotify plays as an alternative way to gain more consumers in a very short period and buy followers on Instagram from these sites.

10 Reasons Spotify Is Always Beneficial For Music Producers

Music Streaming Counts and Music Charts

Interlink of music streaming and music charts has played a pivotal role in the growth of Spotify plays. As 100 streams will be equivalent to 1 download. And that’s how music fans had influenced the growth of music producers.

Free Promotion

Spotify acts as a free promoter of the music produced by its favourite music producers. As the people can share what they are listening with their peers. And that’s how it does promotion.

Alert and Notifications

One of the perks of Spotify is that automatically sent a notification of your new album to your followers. This feature helps the music producers a lot.

A Higher Rate is being Paid by Spotify to the Right Holders

Spotify pays a higher rate to their right holders (who is the owner of music). Spotify pays 2x the amount in comparison to other mediums.

Curated Playlists

Spotify curated playlist has hit a new wave of music across the globe. The lean-back mechanism of the Spotify curated list has a separate place in the heart of music lovers. And this feature also assists the music producer to grow more rapidly than before.


Steaming of music is the new normal. The sales of CDS have declined over the past few years. As people prefer to listen to songs through streaming and this is an easy action. This makes the new music producer much popular among the masses.


In a nutshell, Spotify has always assisted music producers in their growth journey.