4 Best Online Magazines To Read in UAE

Best Online Magazines

Magazines act like one’s best friend when sitting idle, be it in the comfort of your own home or sitting in a waiting area. In today’s world, reading paper magazines have become redundant while online reading is gaining more and more popularity.

Magazine readers are constantly looking for the best options to keep themselves entertained as well as informed. In this article, we present to you some of the best online magazines to read in UAE.

Elle ArabiaElle Arabia Magazines

If you are interested to dive into the world of fashion, Elle Arabia is one of the largest fashion magazines in the UAE. The Elle magazine in particular is famous all over the world with an astounding audience of 70 million.

If you own a brand that is related to fashion, Elle is the best magazine for advertisement. Other than that, if you are keen to read about all thing fashion, for example, the latest trends or tutorials as well as some celebrity news or lifestyle, Elle Arabia is the best go-to magazine.

Shortlist DubaiShortlist Dubai

Shortlist Dubai is a magazine that covers all the categories or a variety of topics in the magazine. It is the go-to magazine for literally anything. The most popular niches it has to offer are, current affairs or the latest entertainment, technology, sports, travel, fashion as well as dining.

Shortlist Dubai has received prestigious awards as well as an appreciation for its work and exceptional articles regarding all these niches. If you are looking for a magazine to become aware of any of these topics or just to know what is currently happening in sports, technology, or travel, Shortlist is the best magazine for that.

Gulf BusinessGulf Business

Gulf business is an online business magazine that discusses different business strategies and analyses. This magazine in particular receives an audience of 3.8 million making it one of the top magazines in the UAE. This makes the magazine an ideal platform for brand advertisements.

If you are interested in reading about current affairs, and what is happening in the business market or are looking for ways to explore new or latest ideas for your business growth this is the best magazine to read. Gulf magazine has a website where they post all the latest articles.

What’s OnWhat’s On

What’s on is an online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and entertainment. It can be a great guide for those living or visiting UAE. With a reach of 100 000 people per month, what’s on achieves the task of itching tourists as well as locals thus making it a great magazine to advertise your business or services. Added to this it will include details about an event while also giving the latest updates. If you want to find out about activities or how to entertain yourself for a day or night, What’s on is the go-to magazine.

Final Words

Select a niche you are interested to read and spend a peaceful time reading your favorite magazine!