Best QR Code Business Card Generator: Top 3 Picks

QR Code Business Card Generator

QR code business cards enhance the functionality of your physical business cards. You can use them to share your contact details and enable instant contact sharing. But to unleash the true potential of a QR code business card, you need to choose the correct QR code business card generator.

We’ve done the hard work for you. We tried all the popular QR code business card generators (yes, we used each one), and here are our top three picks.

1. QRCodeChimp’s vCard Plus

QRCodeChimp’s vCard Plus is hands down the best QR code business card generator in the market. It lets you create a dynamic QR code redirecting to a vCard Plus profile page.

You can include basic information on the profile page like your Name, Contact Information, Address, Job Title, etc. You can also include web links, social media profiles, and images.

QRCodeChimp allows you to design and customize your vCard Plus page using a profile image, background image, page loader image, and colors. The vCard Plus QR code is dynamic, so you can change the contents of your vCard Plus without reprinting the QR code. You can also track its scans and view time-wise, location-wise, and device-wise analytics.

vCard Plus offers a seamless contact-saving process. Upon scanning the vCard Plus QR code, users reach the vCard Plus page, where they can click on ‘Save to Contact’ to save the contact information.

You can also decorate your vCard Plus QR code using unique shapes, colors, stickers, and logos. Above all, QRCodeChimp is a QR code generator that lets you create a vCard Plus QR code for free.

2. GoQR’s vCard

QR’s vCard allows you to instantly share your contact information with a single scan. You can add the following contents to your vCard: Name, Title, Address, Company, Email, Phone, and Website.

We found that GoQR’s vCard doesn’t allow you to create a vCard Plus profile page. Instead, it displays all the details on the user’s screen. There’s no scope for customizing the digital business card, and you can’t change the information after creating the vCard QR code.

Hence, we’d recommend GoQR’s vCard only share essential information for one-time use. GoQR’s vCard won’t be the right choice if you want a solution with real-time editing capabilities.

3. QRCode Monkey’s vCard

The final QR code business card generator on our list is QRCode Monkey’s vCard. This solution is similar to GoQR’s vCard. There’s no option to create a vCard Plus profile page, and your details get displayed on users’ smartphones when they scan the vCard code. You can share your Name, Organization, Occupation, Phone, Email, Fax, Address, and Website.

QRCode Monkey allows you to create a vCard for free, but it’s static. You can’t track its scans or edit its content without reprinting. For those features, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Final Word

The vCard solution you choose will depend on your requirements. After testing many QR code business card solutions, we can confidently recommend the three solutions discussed above.

We found QRCodeChimp’s vCard Plus to be the best, as it lets you create a vCard Plus display page, edit it in real-time, and track its scans. If you just want to display your contact information on the screen without tracking or editing capabilities, you can try GoQR or QRCode Monkey’s vCard QR code.