How to Check UAE Visa Status Online

How to Check UAE Visa Status Online

If you are a United Arab Emirates national or traveling to the UAE, keeping track of your visa status is necessary. The UAE has several strict entry and immigration policies, and it is important to ensure that you comply with all regulations. There are several ways to check your visa status online, and this article will discuss some of the most popular methods.

How to Check Visa Status Online

One way to check your visa status online is through the UAE government website. The website offers a range of services for citizens and residents, including a section on visa information. Here, you can enter your details and passport number to check your visa status. This service is free of charge.

  • Visit the ICA official website.
  • Select the English language
  • Click on the “Passport Information”
  • Select “Visa” or “Residency” depending on your visa type
  • Enter your passport number and passport expiry date
  • Select your nationality from the dropdown menu
  • Check the captcha checkbox before you click on the search tab.

Another popular way to check your visa status online is through a third-party website. These websites charge a small fee, but they offer a more comprehensive range of services than the UAE government website. They will often provide you with updates on your visa status and advice on how to improve your chances of success when applying for a new visa.

Check Dubai Visa Status Using GDRFA Portal

  • Visit GDRFA Portal
  • Select “Residence Validity” from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your residence file number using your year of issue. You can find the residence file number on the visa page in your passport.
  • Next, enter your first name, as per your passport and select your gender
  • Specify your correct date of birth in the dd-mm-yyyy format
  • Enter the Captcha code in the specified bar and click “Submit.”

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs in Dubai offers an online portal that allows residents and visitors to check the status of their visas. The website is available in English and Arabic, and users can select their preferred language before logging in.

To check your visa status using the GDRFA portal, you will need to enter your visa number and last name. You can find these details on your visa application form or confirmation email. Once you have entered this information, click on the “Search” button to proceed.

If your visa is valid, the portal will display your visa status as “Valid”. If your visa has expired, the portal will show your visa status as “Expired.” You can also use the GDRFA portal to check the status of your residency permit or work permit.

If you are unsure which method to use to check your visa status online, it is always best to contact the embassy or consulate of the country you are traveling to. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on entry requirements and procedures.

Once you have checked your visa status online, it is essential to keep track of any changes. This includes changes to your details and any new requirements introduced. It is also necessary to renew your visa before it expires. If you do not renew your visa in time, you may be required to leave the country and reapply for a new one.


What happens if my visa expires?

If your visa expires, you may be required to leave the country and reapply for a new one. It is essential to ensure that you renew your visa before it expires, as this can avoid any delays or problems when traveling.

How can I check my visa status if I am not a UAE national?

Nationals of other countries may also check their visa status online through the embassy or consulate of their country of citizenship.

What is an eVisa?

An eVisa is an electronic visa that allows travelers to enter a country for tourism or business purposes. eVisas are typically valid for shorter periods than traditional visas, and they may have different entry requirements.