Ps5 Digital Edition UAE Specs | Preorder and Availability

Sony interactive entertainment developed a famous video game named as play station 5. It was released in November 2020 in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, North America, and South Korea in different countries. The play station 5 is considered the ninth generation in the squeals of video games having Microsoft X box series S and X.

Difference Between Digital Edition and Disk Edition in Ps5

The difference between the digital edition and disc edition of Ps 5 is that the disk edition has a built-in ultra-blue ray disc drive. Due to this feature, you can play anything from your libraries, such as games, movies, and TV shows on disc. The other difference is the cost of the Ps5 disc edition is $499.99, which is more than the digital edition.

The digital edition is $100 less than this price which is equal to $399. The digital edition is thin in size and you can’t play the stored library on it. Although both are a little bit different from each other their quality of performance is the same.

Where Ps5 was Launched First?

The launching of play station 5 in UAE was done on 19th November 2020. This is the most awaited play station of Sony with the advanced operating system. It comprises different parts of hardware such as solid-state drive, 4K resolution, and 3d audio effects. Its launch brought a revolution in the history of games.

How to Pre-Order the Ps5?

The ps5 pre-order in UAE is done to reserve this product by adding it to your shopping cart. For this purpose, you have to click the ribbon symbol and then give your information. For this pre-order reservation, the clients must have a credit card themselves. We will acknowledge the amount of your reserved product. The charges are deducted after the shipping of the product.

Ps5 is Available at

Play station 5 in UAE is available at different markets, Malls, and IT-based shops. If you want to buy play station 5 in UAE, then you should visit the following shops:

Online Shops Offering Ps5

Many online shops provide the Ps5 at reasonable rates. Following are some of the online websites that are involved in the Sony ps5 console for sale:

  • Carrefour           AED 2421.50
  • Amazon             AED 2856
  • Jumbo               AED 2378
  • Go Dukkan        AED 2545
  • Games planet   AED 2730
  • ToysRus            AED 2899
  • eBay                 AED 2568
  • Ali express        AED 4587

Shops of Ps5 in the States of UAE

Following are some of the PlayStation stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah where Ps5 is available.

Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah
Jumbo electronics Carrefour Games World UAE
Knight Electronic games Sony Axiom Telecom
Cyber Cafe Virgin Megastore EROS
Back to Games-AL Wahda Mall Wasabi Electronics Sharaf DG Megamall



The play station 5 games are famous worldwide, and players wait for their next advanced sequel such as Ps5. They are always available in every store and online in UAE, Dubai, and other states at a reasonable price. You can also reserve it by pre-order it as it becomes out of stock.

Frequently asked question

1. Where to buy Ps5 in UAE?

Ps5 console in UAE is available in Wasabi electronics, Mego game world, Pressonx, Gamkart and Suqzone, etc.

2. How much is the PS5 in UAE?

The Ps5 price in UAE is varied depending on the requirement of customers. Those who want a play station with a physical disc edition will spend 2099 AED and the cost of a Ps5 digital edition UAE is 1679 AED.

3. When will Ps 5 restock in UAE?

They restock on Thursday and Fridays but sometimes on Monday as well.