Skilled Workers Can Easily Move to Canada From the UAE

Move to Canada From the UAE

This era has witnessed many residents and citizens of the UAE moving to Canada, among other places such as the United Kingdom. So you are definitely not among a handful of people, as many more skilled workers want to move out just like you! However, contrary to popular opinion, moving to Canada as a skilled worker is not as difficult as it seems with the best immigration consultants in Dubai. If done right, this can be a seamless procedure of transition between the two countries and your careers.

Some of the basic reasons why workers may be inclined towards moving to Canada may be better living conditions for the working class; a wide variety of career prospects if you want to change the stream of your career; and increased job opportunities. So, why go for Canada visit visa in Dubai, when you can opt for any of the following ways to immigrate from the UAE if you are a skilled laborer.

Student VisaStudent Visa Canada

This is the easiest way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada if they also dream of studying abroad. Canada is popular for being the most welcoming and inclusive of international students, not to mention its wide variety of courses and programs to choose from. This generally includes applying for a student permit, which can be done both on paper and online. If you’re looking for permanent residency in Canada, a student visa is an ideal way to do so. The best part is that most of the programs for moving to Canada from the UAE as permanent residents do not include the compulsion of having a job. This means that you can stay in Canada as a student without even actually landing a job as a skilled laborer initially.

Immigration for Business Purposes

This program applies to you if you are a skilled worker with enough capital to invest in and build a business in Canada. This would actually mean that you would have to accumulate a significant amount of capital before moving to Canada, as well as an already well-established business so that you are eligible to qualify for the program. Apart from this, you must have enough funds to sustain yourself (and your family, if you are migrating with them) in the months when you are building your business in Canada and have not gotten any significant returns yet. Not only this but moving to Canada using the business program will also include a clause where you have to meet the required linguistics qualifications and requirements.

Economic MigrationEconomic Migration

This is technically the best fitting and ideal program for skilled laborers to sign up for when migrating to Canada from the UAE. This program is applicable to you only if you are able to contribute to the economy and labor force in any way. There are several subdivisions in this program. The first is Federal Skilled Trades, which is applicable to trade workers who have had significant experience and have gained the proper skills in certain trade occupations in the UAE and would like to use it for permanent residency in Canada.

The next subpart is Provincial Nominee, for those skilled workers who are educated and qualified enough to contribute to the country’s economy and labor force. This is followed by Federal Skilled Workers who have work experience in foreign countries and want to use the work experience to contribute to the country’s economy and get permanent residency.