What are Promotional Codes and How Do They Work in UAE

What are Promotional Codes and How Do They Work

In today’s digital marketing world, businesses are constantly looking for new ways and strategies to attract more customers, especially in UAE, which is a business hub. Promotional codes are one of the many compelling yet sophisticated ways to boost marketing and improve customer reach. But what are promotional codes, how do they work and how you can use them in Dubai to enjoy maximum discount? Here is everything you need to know about it.

What are Promotional Codes?

Promotional codes are alphanumeric codes and a code made up of random numbers and letters that online stores often use to encourage people to make website purchases. Consumers may use these codes to get online and in-store deals and discounts. Because of their format, promo codes tend to be very flexible; consumers may get these codes on tablets, mobiles, desktops, etc., through barcodes, emails, PDFs, and even as QR codes.

How Can I Get Promotional Codes?

If you’re new to finding promotional codes, here are a few tried-and-tested ways to use them. Let’s have a look.

1. Google Search

One of the most basic and straightforward ways to get promo codes is a quick Google search. Whatever code you’re searching for, type it in google. Here you will see several websites where promo codes are offered. For example, if you are looking for Aliexpress live coupons in UAE, you can visit websites like discountcouponsuae.com. Open this website to get all working codes.

2. Coupon Extension and Toolbars

Many people prefer using browser extensions for convenience. You can install plugins on your browsers like Safari and Chrome to help you find promo codes when shopping on an online platform. These extensions will pop up randomly when you’re shopping and help you find a working coupon.

3. Coupon Websites

If you’re a coupon searcher who is a little more motivated, you may want to step a little further and search for reliable and popular coupon websites for getting promo codes. While you’ll see several online coupon websites, stay with the most trusted and reliable brands because they offer more coupon codes and filter the expired codes better.

4. Use the Stores Own Coupon Page

One of the on-store methods for finding discount codes is to search the store’s coupon page. Retailers often have their coupon page because it may be buried or hard to find. So you may need to check the site footer or header to search for promotions, coupons, and special offers.

5. Signing Up for the Newsletter

Sometimes you get a working discount by simply signing up for the website’s newsletter. Since many shoppers want people to sign up for their newsletter, they offer these promo codes as a reward.

6. Live Chatting

Another technique for getting promotional codes is to connect with a customer service agent on the retailer’s site. Sometimes you can ask the agent whether they have discount codes or not. If they have it, they may give you a promo code.

7. Abandoning Your Shopping Cart

While this method may seem a little odd, one way to get promotional discounts is to abandon your cart. Some stores develop newer strategies of bringing back the cart-abandoning shoppers with promo codes. If you abandon your cart, you may get an email to complete your purchase and get a coupon code.

8. Using Social Media

One of the most popular ways to get promo codes is through social media. Brands often make use of social media to promote their offers and products. Common places where you can get promo codes include Reddit, Slickdeals, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

How to Use Promotional Codes?

Whenever the customer enters a promotion code in the checkout process, the store will confirm the conditions of the promotional offer and see if these are satisfied before confirming. If the promotion code you’re using offers a 20% discount off the $200 shopping carts and above, the code won’t work until the threshold is met.

Once you have a promo code, you can type or paste it onto the coupon code bar/box. After adding the code, click to apply. The coupon box can appear at different checkout stages based on where you’re ordering from.

Benefits of Using Promotional Codes

Here are some of the benefits you can get by using promo codes.

  1. Promo codes are a great way to save money because you get an excellent discount on your shopping list. You may be getting a lot of things at a lower price with promo codes.
  2. Another benefit of promo codes is that you will also get a discount on the shipping price when you are done shopping.
  3. Promo codes are a great way to save your money and get your favorite items at a reasonable cost.


Promotional codes, or promo codes for short, are an efficient way to save on your offline and online purchases. There are many different ways, like the ones above, that you can use to get promotional codes. Promotional codes are beneficial if you want to spend wisely and save money. Try out these for yourself. We are sure you’ll love them.