What is Curtain Lining? | Easiest Way to Line Blackouts

The modern variety of curtain products allows you to choose the most suitable option for any interior design. In a hot climate, increased sun protection can be achieved by hanging double blackout curtains in Dubai. Lined drapes look gorgeous, absorb noise, and hide from the heat. It is worth noting that the lining increases the cost of the finished product, and for such a window treatment, a reinforced cornice is needed.

What Curtain Fabrics Require Lining?

So, for what curtains is lining a must?

  • Cotton, as it fades quickly in the sun.
  • Silk and wool. To protect these delicate textiles from direct sunlight and to keep the strength of canvas, make sure to add a lining. Lining also helps to keep voluminous folds and draperies.
  • Synthetic fabrics like viscose, acetate, modal, and cupra based on cellulose — for aesthetic purposes and reliability.

What Fabric to Choose for Lining?

If you live in Dubai, Adu Dhabi, or another city of the UAE, go for black-out curtain lining as it is designed for darkening rooms, bedrooms, home theaters, and offices.

A regular blackout is a stiff fabric covered with one or more layers of latex. High-quality blackout gives 2 pass blackout a material with a double layer of latex: the first is black, the second is white, reflective. However, such a structure is unacceptable for thin curtains, since the black layer shines through the base fabric and gives a gray effect.

The universal option is 3 pass blackout with three layers of latex: white, black, and white again. The most modern blackouts are a complex weave of threads, between which a light-absorbing layer is enclosed. They can be used both as a lining and as an independent curtain.

Do Curtains Need Lining?

The reverse side of curtains has several functional advantages, and can also become an independent decorative element that will make the interior more interesting and expressive.

Curtain lining has several useful features:

1. Fabric Protection

A good lining will protect the curtains from fading and wear and will keep them attractive for a long time, which is especially important for natural fabrics that are sensitive to sunlight.

2. Protection from Light

Blackout lining blocks sunlight in the room if you need to create darkness.

3. Drapery

If the curtains are made of thin fabric, then it is difficult to achieve beautiful folds. The correct lining will add the desired volume and density, creating a pronounced structural drapery.

4. Decoration

Lined curtains look very impressive, especially if you successfully combine the main and lining fabric.

Turning out the curtain lining of soft neutral shades adds elegance to the window design. Using a rich color lining, you can brighten the window decor and create an original color accent in the interior.

The rich lining definitely adds luxury to the curtains. The main thing is not to overdo it! Especially if you use fringes, brushes, lambrequins and other accessories.